Wednesday, August 14, 2013

smile and be strong.

Allah will send you something to make you smile.
to keep your strength.

using your naked eyes, you won't find anything.
use your heart, you will find everything.

you not own all the problems.
be strong,
because Allah knows you can get pass through it.

it is a sadaqah.
be strong,
because you have the power.

you never know who will fall in love with it.
be strong,
because it motivate others.

smile and be strong.
this worldly life is temporary.
all the pain would not be last forever.

'smile and be strong ensiyahmuhammad.
you never know what will happen tomorrow
treasure your everyday life
keep on forgive others
because everybody needs a peace mind and heart
because everybody does not want a negative balance in their good deeds account'
- my heart says.

'InsyaALLAH, i will'
- i replied.

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