Monday, April 1, 2013


You know what, when you're doing something, or you're being given responsibilities, and you're not doing it well, you should feel... guilty.

Yerp. You should feel guilty.

Not everything is all about how the results will be, NO.
Totally wrong.
It is all about Effort.

Ask yourself. 
Are you already give your best effort?
If you already give your best, and you failed. it is a thing
But if you didnt give your best, and you failed, it is another thing. 

The former, you have the right to feel proud and relieved, eventho it is not happened like what you expected it would be but at least you know, that is your limit, no matter how hard you try, you never can go beyond that. Even if you wanna cry or complain, you have the right to do it.

The latter, you should ashamed of yourself. You didnt give your best but you're expected to reach the sky. how it can be? In business, we can picture it like this, you want to engage in partnership, you invest rm40, and your partner invest rm100 but, when it comes to profit-sharing, you want to get more than your friend and even worse, you have little responsibilities in terms of management decision. Obviously, you will not get it. And you want to make fuss about it. You can't. You don't even have the right to do so. 

So, when you do something, and you failed. Do not down first. Relax and recall what you have been go through along to make it real.

Personally, i love to be recognized. I love to be the centre of attention. I love to be famous. I love all the glamorous shirt and stuff.. well, all the WOW! thing. (hahhaaha jujur gler, anggap takde baca pape. :p )

One thing for sure, i dont want to be recognized, or being given any title, or received any rewards, or anything which is related to the jobs, when i know that it is not my best effort or i know that i gave so much burden to other people. 

Yes, sorry become the hardest word. I want to say it out loud, but i reserve it for myself.
As a result, i just keep quiet and look down or anywhere else, but not in front.

Well, when i got back my midterm paper this morning. I feel want to cry at first. But, later.. i think that, why should i cry when i know that this is what i deserve to get when i do not study much? 

So, no turning back. No regret just lesson. (^_^)
It is just a midterm, it is not  the end of the world. I still have chance to achieve my target.and change my attitude, of course.


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