Thursday, June 28, 2012

[another new thing]


I do not know how to express my feeling tonight. I even do not know why I become like this. It just I can not put any descriptions to it. Well, I guess I need to check how my day is going. 

27 June 2012

Today is Wednesday. I only have one class, Business Ethics at 2pm. Actually, taking short semester really risky. Even though I'm taking only 2 subjects, but I only have one class per day, either it morning or evening. If my class at morning, so I do not do anything in the evening and vice versa. Sounds like I'm having a plenty of leisure time, isn't i? Well, it is true and it is not. 

Today, I woke up at 6. Performed my Subuh prayer. Trying to get bath, but it is so cold. Back to sleep. Woke up at 8.30am, force myself to get bath. After finished my laundry, I try to finish reading Chapter 1 : Business and Ethics. I am not a type of student who reads book before entering class, please take note that. I also do not know why  I am doing that. [new thing]. I stop at 10.30am as I need to get ready to go to CENSERVE office to meet Abang Yazid. We need to make a report of program. 

1.45pm, having lunch with Farahani. My new neighbour, I know her before, we are in the same mahallah, it just starting this semester we got chance to become a neighbour. I guess, if I'm not mistaken, this is our first time having lunch together. [another new thing]. Rushing for Zuhur prayer. 2.10pm, yes, I already late for my Business Ethics class. Dr.Naail, my lecturer, already there when I entered the class. I started to love this class as I have confidence to voice out. Sometimes, I want to actively participated in class, but I never do so. I lacked in my confidence, I feel ashamed with my broken english. 

Come to the end of the class, a classmate named Siti ask Dr. Naail's opinion about Robin Hood cases. Robin hood robbed the rich to help the poor. So how we would classify that? Some of my classmates believe it is ethical but illegal, some believe it is legal but not ethical, but majority remains undecided, including me, at first. The discussion about Robin Hood become interesting. Suddenly, a girl raised her hand and says

"Sir, Robin Hood has a good intention to help the poor, but in Islam, aim does not allow illegal act, then how we will count that?"
"Thanks. What you say it's correct and now I getting more confused. Well, this is what we called as ethical dilemma. You will faced it a lot"

That girl is me. [another new thing].  After that, the discussion deviated from western view to Islamic perspective. As a conclusion for Robin Hood case, Dr. Naail mention a hadith, from the hadith it is concluded that if the leader is 'adil and the rich is considerate, we should live at the country however, if the leadear is mean and the rich is inconsiderate, we should leave the country. Well, if we want to discuss about the case very thoroughly then it is need of a detail research. 

4.10pm. Class end. Back to CENSERVE office to help Abang Yazid to look for Abang Lotfi's pendrive. We use his pendrive when to make program report. After an hour of searching, then we find out that the pendrive is with Kak Fad. =_=

5.20pm. Performed Asar prayer and meet Ika to go Pasar Malam or Pasar Petang since we go at evening. After buying what we want, come back to mahallah and we ate at the stage in front of Blok A, like a picnic. [another new thing].

7.30pm. Get bath. performed Maghrib prayer. fall asleep. Fada came to my room, she send watermelon. we have a chat. After that, I try to fulfill my responsibility to finish editing BACC Organizing Committee poster. Alhamdulillah, it is done. As I typing this entry, I try to upload it to BACC group and until now it is not finish yet. =_=

I already come to the end of the day. So, what is going wrong? I do not find any. Today is just ordinary day. 

May be I started to feel pain in my heart or I started to miss someone.

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