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It is 1.00 am in the morning. My class started at 8.30 am everyday and I have a quiz at 10.00 am. I already covered one chapter and have another one chapter to cover. I'll start when I finished post this entry.


Every men will get married and become a husband. 
Eventually, he become a father when his wife give born a baby for him.
A father, is a title with lot of responsibility. 

He is the breadwinner or the family - even though his wife is working.
He is the captain of the ship - even though his wife is the queen control.
He is the protector of the family - even though he can't even survive cooking at the kitchen.
He is the leader - even though his wife has a higher position at work.

Father always in the front. It is a must. 

Single mother can plays the role of a father, but she never can be a father. Never!

Ovum released from the ovary without fertilisation from the sperm, never created a zygote.
Then, it undergoes mitosis and form embryo. Later, fetus is formed.
After completed 9 months and 10 days, a baby is born.
We are born. We are the baby. 
We are the evidence of our parent's love. 
Either it is planned or an accident.

Father stills a father even when he is gone. 
He is gone physically but never in the heart.
He forever alive.

If the Doctors, the Lawyers, the Bankers, the Managers, the Engineers, the Architects,
and any other professional career
are the level that people claimed their father are the greatest,
then, my own biological father are alienated from the group.

My father is not the greatest among the society,
But he is the most unchallengeable person in my life, 
InsyaALLAH i will get married soon, 
Another man will step into my life,
but a husband is not the same with a father. 
A husband is a person that i would like to spend the rest of my life with, 
a person who needs to accept the way I am
But a father is a person who responsibility in the making of my personality,
the personality that everybody need to accept me the way I am.

My father is may not the best for others,
But he is the gift that irreplaceable,
Our relationship may not as close as other daughter-father relationship,
But I know, we feel the unconditional love together inside our heart.

All this time, I thought . . .
I inherited a dark skin and not so straight-curly hair from my father,
Only today, I realized another thing,
that we have in common

We like to keep things

If readers questioning why all of sudden, my post is in English and it is about father. 
Do not ponder any further. 
Just a simple answer
I miss my father.

Here, the end of my post. As promised, I will start to read now.

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