Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What a day . . .

Again, I went to bowling. hehehehhehehe but now, with my BFF. ehem ehem. then.... again, i lost the game. but! i lost with pride ok?! hehehe. i got more than 50. almost 80. but her, she got above 100! woah woah! congrates dear!.

we just played one game, coz we decide to go karok then. Enjoy our girl's day with some loud music and 'lovely' voice of us. ngee~ yeah. we really enjoy our one bowling game and one hour karaoke. 

 and the same day, at night i went to i-city with my family.

shah alam, i dont really like the name. haha. yeah, some bad experience related with that place. but i enjoy the light and the decorations. but, i'm looking forward to go there again, of course with my love. 


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