Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Yesterday, I went to Wangsabowl to play bowling with my love. Then suddenly, a friend of mine came. heee i love to see both of them together. Apparently because they look alike! like a twins from different mom. haha

Alhamdulillah, after waited for almost an hour, i guess, we got a lane. We play two games. First round, huge different marks, grrr. 93, 73, 53 (the lowest one is my mark. ergh!). 2nd round, i lost, again. yeah yeah, thats right.. Bowling and me doesnt suit well. errr. never mind, there is no fullstop in learning. heheheheeheehehehe

My friend recorded the moment when my bowl doesnt hit the pin. How pretty is that huh? -_-"

Hahahha that's okay.Eventho I didnt achieve my target to get 90 and above, eventho both of u laugh at me, eventho it is just a short time, I still enjoyed my day. thank you :)

p/s: Many foreigners said Malaysian are polite people but not on the road. Sorry to say this, butI absolutely agree with them.

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