Saturday, February 26, 2011


I log in to my Facebook account just now, just around 5 minutes ago.
I got a message from someone.
It is from ADIK!
I am totally happy!!
but then I wonder, why suddenly he sent me a message?

As i read his message, my heart slowly feels down.
He just telling me that his friend found something in the internet,
then he wents to search that link,
and he also gives me his reference links, which is my previous blog.

To be honest, i didn't read his message till the end,
he just want me to delete that post politely,
and with no offence, i did it staight away,
without any second thought.

In my previous blog,
Mainly it is all about my feeling toward someone,
My daily experience,
and also unforgettable first bad moment.

I am a very sensitive person,
Everything little thing that happen in my life,
I will remember it,
unless it is unimportant,
I wont remember at all

In order to start everything fresh,
I need to learn how to let go memories.
Which is the most thing that hard for me to fo.

wish me luck! 

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