Friday, January 28, 2011

Words . . .

These words may be mean nothing to you but it means everything to me.
I don't want to post it back , because I have something nicer to tell you using my own words :) You are great, our memory together, eventho it's not that much, I'll cherish it for the rest of my life. We go ups and down, being beaten emotionally by others but yet you'll always be my sister even you don't feel like one. But , truly you are! And my ♥ for you will never ever been deleted. Remember that okay? And I'm sorry from deep of my heart if I ever hurt you. Maybe I don't treat you well, and for that my apologize to you, sissy. The most important thing is that, I also, won't forget you ♥ 
I cannot turn back time
I cannot hope for another chance
I cannot hope for you to be here, like before.
Everything is changed.
Everything is different,
Everything seems to be weird.

They said,
"expect the unexpected"
"miracle do happen"
"unconditional love is real"

I said 
"I will always love you no matter what happen"
I mean it, seriously.

It is about us.
omit the others.

we are the sister. 
always and forever it will be.

i love you
and i miss you
 a lot.

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