Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TV Room

Yes, currently I am at TV Room of Mahallah Maryam
I rarely come here coz I am so lazy to come down. 
From block C to TV Room is far! 
and plus, this TV Room does not have remote control
But the best thing is, they provide us with ASTRO
and we can change any channel that we like

Ok, now we proceed to the thing that bring me here.
It is because Moodle!
What is Moodle?
Moodle is an academic networking that we can actually chatting with our lecturer and classmates.
We also can put our pic as profile picture and write a post in "Blog"
This is my first time I want to try using this Moodle
Actually, my lecturer decided to all of us use it now and have a chatting with her
In order to make us spend 2 hours as our credit hour.

I can online at my room instead of come to TV Room
But, my friends and I decided to stuck in one place together 
and here we are
I bring my extension plug
So, i can plug my adapter and my another friend can plug her netbook

However, i face a problem.
My problem is..........
I am not allowed to enter the chatroom!
So, how come i can chat with her?
I do not know what is happening
I tried everything that I can
But thing remains the same.

My other two friends are with me now.
One is sleeping
One is playing CityVille
and me blogging.


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