Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Salam ya akhi wa ukhtie
(Salam my brothers and sisters)

I woke up really early today.
At first, i refused to get up.
But my eyes doesn't want to close. 
So, i force myself to take bath and do some revision on Arabic.
Yes, we have quiz today.
I'm very weak in Arabic. 
Nobody is perfect
But I'll try my best to become the best
or atleast,
don't disappoint myself.

After Subuh prayer, I saw a girl was running at basketball court
She's fast!
I looked how many round she can make it with her speed
I didn't count it, but it almost 5 times

Maybe she one of athletes in University Sport Carnival
or she just want to keep her fit.
But no matter what the reason it.
Running at 6.30am, alone
She's showed a good effort and determination 
I am look forward to see her again tomorrow.

My laptop watch shows 7.51am
I need to dress up
Tata till now

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