Monday, January 24, 2011

I miss

Assalamualaikum ya akhie wa ukhtie
To be honest, 
this is not my only blog
to those who knows me before, knew my another blog

the main reason why I build up this new blog 
Because I want to run away from the shadow of old memories
I want to start new and fresh

But, I am an only ordinary human. 
I cannot stop from thinking the past
I cannot erase memories no matter how try I tried

I dont want stresses about memories ryte now.
I just want to confess
To confess that, I miss my blogging mood

What I mean is, 
My real blogging mood.

I am used to publish an entri
about what happen to my day
what event that i went 
and How is my feeling
with every details come with pictas.

and now.
i just dont have feel to do it
i dunno why, 
but i dont have the eagerness to tell everybody what am I doing.

Everytime i start a few sentences.. i will stop
Everytimr i want to upload pictures.. i will stop
i guess 
Laziness is become the master of my body compared to my mind

I will talk again. 

Wait for my really long post. 

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