Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear "Him",


I had confess my feeling
You had your confession too
We cannot see each other every second
But we feel each other in our heartbeat

We texting eveyday
We never talk on the phone for nothing
We can't go dating frequently
We say "I love You" everyday

My wish to see us get married
My wish to see we have children of our own
My wish to see we grow older together
My wish to see us still love each other in our golden age

We never know our fate
We never know who are we really live for the entire life with
We never know how our future will be
We never know either we still together for tomorrow or not

I only can wish, wish and keep wishing
I may be decide to change in my dress up soon
I may be change in my way of thinking

But dear, 
please bear this on your mind
I am still En Siyah Muhammad
I am still En Siyah Muhammad who always wait for u
Wait for u to become my husband 
As long as I believe u can be a good husband to me
A husband who guide me to follow the right path

I am naive
I am still learning

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che lan said...

i lurv u tuuuu...