Thursday, January 20, 2011

As a Student

Salam ya akhi wa ukhtie,
Sabahan bihair!
(Good Morning!)

I am not saying that I am busy.
I am not really busy as people may think
But I still need to make a list 
Work that I need to do
Therefore, I will not miss a thing

  • Planner of Bureau Publication and ICT
  • Poster for Maryam MRC ( I could not install the software, so how can I finish it? haha)
  • Essay and data analysis page 37 (br.ezamir)
  • Essay on handout (sis roziana)
  • Group presentation on The pen is mightier than the sword (br.ezamir)
  • Article on topic related to our group newspaper making (sis roziana)
  • Article related on our course (br.ezamir)
  • Dialogue writing on Arabic (ustazah mardiana)
  • Halaqah group presentation 
 Only this I think.
If I miss a thing.
Friend, please remind me. 
thank you

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